“I’m a huge advocate of education and empowerment in every situation. Educating yourself empowers you to overcome life’s obstacles and elevate to new heights.”

Christian A. Carter, MBA

Christian A. Carter, MBA



Athlete Representation

As an NFL Agent, Christian serves his clients with an elite football acumen, extensive relationships in the football community and round the clock access. Christian also provides contractual negotiations for all player contracts and endorsements. His personalized approach and unmatched preparation allows him to garner desirable outcomes for his clients in all of their endeavors.

Christian currently represent clients in the National Football League & Canadian Football League.

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Branding / marketing

Earning his MBA in marketing, Christian is an expert in digital, social and traditional marketing techniques. He deploys these strategies across a variety of industries helping clients capitalize on their position and platforms. His diverse skill-set helps his clients transform their handles into channels.

Christian has brokered deals automotive, beverage, apparel, spirit, hospitality, furniture and supplement categories.



Christian is a trusted adviser to athletes, influencers, businesses and entities in their personal and professional pursuits. By equipping clients with ample resources, Christian empowers them to make informed decisions throughout their careers and achieve success in every arena.

Christian has consulted for small, midsize and international companies across the media, luggage and tech industries.

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Event operations

No matter the cause or occasion, Christian will create a memorable experience for his clients. He will, conceptualize curate and execute your events from start to finish. Aligning his clients with the best partners and venues to make the event a complete success.

Christian has curated events, for professional athletes, charitable foundations and academic institutions.



Christian aids his clients in their missions to serve others by connecting the dots between their passions and those in need. Providing tax planning, fundraising and event management expertise, clients will achieve desired goals and make immense impacts.

Christian’s efforts have helped raised over $100,000 for charitable causes.




Christian A. Carter, MBA

NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor

Business Consultant

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Born in Raised in the Washington, D.C Metropolitan area, Christian developed a passion for sports, business and service very early in his life. While participating as a 3 sport athlete in high school, he started his first business as a teenager and volunteered with local non-profits. He earned an Academic and Athletic Scholarship to Seton Hill University, where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Sports Management, minoring in Finance and Business Administration all while captaining the Universities Football Team among many other leadership positions.

Upon earning his degree, Christian received a scholarship to pursue his Masters in Business Administration from the College of William & Mary’s Mason School of Business where he earned his masters in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. During his time in business school and he worked for and alongside some of the most reputable contract advisors and athlete representation firms in the Sports & Entertainment industry. His contributions to business development efforts, brand partnerships, endorsements deals, contract strategy and client services generated six figures of revenue, founded multiple philanthropic initiatives and developed dozens of new business relationships.

Today, Christian is a NFL Agent serving as a trusted Advisor and Consultant to his diverse client list of professional athletes, professional and collegiate coaches, influencers, brands and media platforms. Using his expertise to negotiate deals, prospect new opportunities and strategize for growth.

For updates on Christian’s clients and other endeavors, please follow him on Twitter & Instagram @calloncarter .