The Finish Line

Welcome back to another installment of Carter's Call! I know that we deviated a bit from our scheduled Monday's last week and I apologize for not writing to you all. It was a crazy week with the beginning of my new internship with the Sports & Entertainment Group PLLC but thats still no excuse. Also, I hope that you enjoyed my D.C sports rant as it was both necessary and surprisingly therapeutic giving the circumstances and as expected the Wizards lived up to D.C (Definite Chokejob) reputation losing in another game 7. Now that all of my teams are out of championship contention we will have no more distractions and can focus on the road ahead. For those of you that are students, this time of year is a very exciting one as your transitioning from school year to summer vacations, summer jobs and hopefully summer internships. The months between May and September seem to allow for more exploration, innovation and freedom than one receives during the very structured school year. Even those of you no longer in school can attest to the feeling of beginning the summer and all the opportunities that come along with it. 

I like to look at the beginning of every summer opportunity similarly to how I look at a race. When preparing for any race I would always be sure I knew exactly how long the race was and what it consisted of I would also make a concerted effort to train and simulate actual race conditions. Lastly, I would assess the competition and create a plan of attack (assuming it was a competitive race). But as we all know, when the race begins there are unexpected obstacles that cause one to deviate and if not careful, deviation may lead to a snowball effect. To avoid deviation, its important to keep ones eye on the 'finish line'. The same can be said when beginning a new opportunity for the summer, in my case its an internship in which I must apply the same for approach that I would for a race; preparation, research, planning and focused execution. For you it may also be an internship or it could be another opportunity (Job, Project, Summer Camp, Competition, Etc. ) regardless of what it is, the way you approach this opportunity combined with the way you handle adversity will determine your ability to get to the finish line

Whatever or wherever your finish line is, whatever or wherever you are running your race, your approach to that opportunity is imperative. How you plan, how you train/practice, how you research and how you defeat obstacles will determine your ability to see the proverbial finish line. Too many of us are running a race with no vision of where our finish line is and no plan to reach that finish line. It'd be completely irresponsible of us to just show up to a race without training or knowing anything about the course and our competition! Make the most of whatever opportunity your given this summer; prepare, plan, train and stay focused and I promise you, you'll reach YOUR finish line in the blink of an eye! 

Thanks for reading, have a great week and win your race.

- Christian A. Carter