Second Wind

Happy Monday and welcome back to another installment of Carter's Call! How was everyone's weekend? We've been blessed by the basketball gods (NBA Referee's) with another game of the NBA Finals tonight! I'm excited to see how the series turns as momentum is beginning to shift. With that being said, lets get into this week's topic and that is the "Second Wind". In sports, the "Second Wind" is defined as the wave of energy produced by the body after the initial burst of energy one exhorts to begin a game. For example, we've watched in the NBA Finals all series that both teams play at a frantic pace with a lot of exciting play in the first quarter. However, as the first quarter comes to a close there is a noticeable drop-off in the pace, energy and excitement of the game; this typically occurs when the starting group of players fatigue. At this point, players must mentally regroup and physically recoup, whether that be during a time out, dead ball or by being substituted. The aforementioned regroup/recoup periods are the time for players to find their "Second Wind", the source of energy they need to fuel their teams push to execute for the rest of the first half and beyond.

Now some of you might be reading up to this point and understand the NBA Finals example theoretically but are unsure of how it relates to your life, your job, your class, etc. The "Second Wind" is not just an term that we use in sports but metaphor for fighting against complacency in our lives! Dave Stutman once said that "complacency is the enemy of progress" and I agree with that statement wholeheartedly. I am strong believer that everyday is an opportunity to advance your position and or improve your situation regardless of what you are pursuing. When we are complacent, we waste opportunities that are not guaranteed to return. 

I'm sure every one of you can remember the emotions you felt on this first day of a new chapter of your life; a new job, new school, new team, new season etc. You were probably excited, anxious and a bit nervous right? You were also probably very focused on starting this new chapter off well, in sports we often refer to this as "coming out fast". I'm sure that all of you can attest to the importance of getting off to a great start but very few of us place that same importance on the continuing to perform at a high level once the initial excitement of the new opportunity wears off. Finding your "Second Wind" is what separates the good students, the good employees and the good athletes from the great ones. Doing well on your first assignment, making your first shot, completing your first task is wonderful, but how well do you do on assignment #4? How many shots do you make when you get a little tired? How many tasks are you completing once you've gotten comfortable in your new role? These are the questions you need to ask when complacency begins to creep into your mind and deter your progress. 

Finding your second wind is a challenge that we will all face at some point in our life. I'm currently searching for my "Second Wind" as I type... Prior to beginning my current role with the Sports & Entertainment Group PLLC, I was very excited by the idea of working with a reputable sports agency. I made sure I got off to a great start; finishing all my tasks promptly, arriving early, staying late and taking initiative. As I enter my 4th week in this role, I am beginning to become more comfortable and complacency is beginning to creep in my mind. "I will finish that tomorrow. " "It's Friday why don't I leave early." "Nobody will notice if I show up a few minutes late." At this time more than any other, its imperative that I find a way to mentally regroup and find my "Second Wind." In times like these, I refer back to my experiences playing football and how on each play I had an opportunity to change the outcome of a game. It took extreme focus, immense passion and intestinal fortitude to successfully produce that "Second Wind" on the field. Its going takes the same focus, passion and fortitude to produce a "Second Wind" in this new role as well.  

What helps you stay focused when things become routine? Why are you passionate about your current role at your new school, your new job or on your new team? What motivates you to continue when you are faced with adversity? By taking time this week to answer these questions you will be in a much better position to produce YOUR "Second Wind" when the time comes. Think back to your own experiences and refer to how you've produced a second wind in the past. Complacency will not stand a chance and your progress will be immense! I can't wait to see you all produce your "Second Wind" in your own lives this summer and beyond. 

Please comment below and share your thoughts, responses and experiences! Have a great week, until next time. 

- Christian A. Carter