Welcome back to another installment of Carter's Call !!! How was everybody's weekend? This week, I wanna talk about very relevant topic to this time of year and that is transitioning. I know that many of you have been graduating high school or college in recent weeks and congratulations are in order! Its an exciting yet nerve-wracking time for you recent graduates as you turn the page from one chapter of your life to another. Enjoy this part of the process and take it seriously because the way you transition between life's chapters defines how well you begin the next one. This can be said for all of us; regardless of what we're transitioning to or from. Its imperative that you put just as much effort into the transitionary period as you would in your pursuit of any other goal or objective.

When I played football, as a defensive back the transition from one direction to another was a direct determinant of my success on that play. It was imperative that I used my technique of planting my foot in the ground (after diagnosing which direction I wanted to go), stepping in the proper direction and vigorously driving my arms and feet toward my intended destination AKA the "plant", "step", drive". If I had a sloppy transition, without proper technique, I could potentially allow my opponent to gain an advantage. The exact same could be said in life's journey, if we don't transition well from chapter to chapter we will likely be at a disadvantage to our opposition.

I like to approach life's transitionary periods in the same format as I did with my football transitions; the "plant", the "step" and the "drive". I characterize the plant as time to reflect on what you've learned from the chapter in your life that's most recently come to a close and diagnose how you may apply that knowledge going forward. The "step" is the action taken to select the direction you would like go to begin the next chapter of your life. Lastly, the "drive" characterized as the ample resources spent in preparation for that next chapter. The great thing about the "plant, step and drive" approach in life, opposed to football is that each step in the process is independent. As we all know, often times circumstance doesn't allow for us to do things in a synchronized fashion. Depending on your situation, you may have to "step" and make a decision before you get the opportunity "plant"and reflect on your previous experiences.

Regardless of what the next chapter of your life may bring, if you properly transition you will be in much better position for success. By taking the "plant", "step" and "drive" portions of your transitions seriously you will have a keen advantage over your opposition and or contemporaries. Just like your pursuit, you will have to personalize and organize your transition technique. But I'm confident that once you do, its only a matter of time before your ability to transition contributes to obtaining your life's goals and aspirations. Until next time, have a great week and good luck to you as you transition to the next chapter! 

- Christian A. Carter