Whats going on everybody and welcome to the latest installment of the best sports, business and lifestyle blog in the world; Carter's Call! First things first, I would like to send all my thoughts and prayers to the hundreds of thousands in the Southern Regions of the United States affected by the recent wave of Tropical Storms. Too often in life, we become entrenched in our personal problems and lose sight of how fortunate many of us are. Events such as the recent tropical storms help to remind us to be grateful and thankful for what we have. Its been encouraging to see a multitude of influencers via social media and other platforms garnering monetary and goods donations to support those affected by the storms. I encourage all of you to do whatever you can to support those suffering as a result of these storms and I commend those of you that already have. 

On a less serious note . . . FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY! If your anything like me, you are extremely excited about the return on College Football and the start of NFL season. I was so excited in fact that I spent the majority of me weekend on the couch watching the slew of opening games. Most opening collegiate games are uncompetitive, as severely over matched smaller schools compete against large football powerhouses. However, these games often carry a level of intrigue. These smaller schools often have an extremely talented unknown player with great potential, there's the threat of an Appalachian State level upset (i.e. Howard University) and there is almost always drama surrounding the "specialists" aka field goal kickers and punters. According to NCAA.com, this weekend alone there were nearly 30 blocked kicks and punts! Watching all of this action surrounding the "specialists" on the football field got me thinking about the "specialists" in my life. Follow me on Twitter to see live updates on those potential upset and unknown talents @carters_call !

In football, "specialists" are the players on the roster that possess a unique skill such as kicking, punting or long snapping. In most cases, they are not asked to play any other positions or take any other responsibilities. However these highly skilled individuals are not only needed on the football field, they are also needed in your life. A part of the maturation process on your passionate pursuit is learning what you are not good at and knowing what you don't know. Many would argue that knowing your weaknesses is more important than knowing your strengths. When addressing these weaknesses, it may be necessary to enlist the services of somebody that possesses a unique skill a.k.a a "specialist". You may have specialists in your life for a variety of reasons, some practical; like plumber, a landscaper, a mechanic or an electrician and others more personal like a doctor, dentist, therapist or barber. 

One of the most infamous "specialists" of the 21st century is the former field goal kicker for the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, Adam Vinatieri. Vinatieri is best known for his game winning kicks in Super Bowl XXXVI and XXXVIII that helped launch the Patriots dynasty. For his accomplishments throughout his career, Vinateiri will be go down as one of the best "specialists the NFL has ever seen but what was most impressive about Vinatieri was his ability to perform at a moments notice. There would be instances when Vinatieri wouldn't get an opportunity for extended periods of time, but whenever his number was called he always delivered!

Growing up, I neglected to recognize the importance of these specialists in my life. I'd often utilize the specialists that I inherited from my parents or had them absent in my life completely. It wasn't until I got older, I began to realize that I needed "specialists" to address my weaknesses. It wasn't just good enough for me to take a referral from my parents or older relatives either, it was it was imperative that identified specialists that were the right fit. This was done mainly though research and some trial and error but ultimately, I was able to identify a group of specially skilled individuals that provided support in the areas I needed it most. To some of you, this process might sound trivial or obvious but as with many of our topics this process is applicable to a plethora of situations. For example; in business, managers and executives must identify the employees that can provide support in areas of need or weakness, in higher education, professors must identify what students fail to grasp the material and identify ways to provide additional support and this is obviously applicable to out athletic example. 

Who are the specialists in your life? Are they providing the necessary support? Are there weaknesses that you have not addressed? These are the questions you should be answering as you continue on your passionate pursuit. You will never know when you will need an Adam Vinitiarie in your life. 

Until next time.

- Christian A. Carter