Filmore Athletics

The sport specific and fitness training company founded by former Division II All-American Defensive Back Phillip Moreland in 2015. Filmore Athletics currently works football clients at the High School, Collegiate (NAIA, NCAA) and Professional levels (NFL, CFL, AFL) as well a plethora of fitness clients across Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Filmore Athletics is the official training partner Christian A. Carter.


Athletic Performance Training

Filmore Athletics offers high-level personalized performance training sessions for individuals and groups. Providing 1v1 instruction, and challenging sessions, bringing the best out of all its clients. All trainers are well versed in Football specific; position, speed and agility drills. Clients include; High School, Collegiate and Professional Athletes.


Fitness Training

Filmore Athletics offers 1v1 personal fitness training for clients at all activity levels. Fitness clients began with initial consultation which provides the framework for an individualized training regimen. In addition, progress tracking and dietary/meal plans are provided. 


Diet & Nutrition

Filmore Athletics provides individualized meal plans and nutrition coaching, to educate its clients about how to maximize results using proper dietary techniques. Its team of certified nutritionists are committed to meeting the specific needs of all its clients.